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Elevate your crafting game with our specialized one-on-one group training sessions.


Tailored to empower craft enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, our upcoming classes cover a range of topics crucial for launching and growing your craft business.


Each session is designed to provide actionable insights and personalized advice.


Upcoming Topics:

  • Launching Your Craft Biz: Discover the essentials of starting your own craft business.
  • Running a Successful Craft Club: Learn the secrets to managing a thriving local craft community.
  • Boosting Your Business Page: Strategies to enhance your online presence and attract more clients.
  • Inventory-Free Selling: Explore how to sell crafts without the hassle of stockpiling products.
  • Maximizing Vendor Events: Tips for making the most out of craft fairs and vendor opportunities.
  • Building Your Email List: Guide to starting and growing a customer email list for marketing success.
  • Customer Retention Techniques: Best practices for keeping your clients engaged and loyal.
  • Time Management: Balancing your small business with personal life for optimal productivity.
  • Earning with Affiliates: Learn how to supplement your income through affiliate marketing.


Class Format:

Platform: Zoom - interact from anywhere!

Duration: 30-45 minute lessons, followed by an Open Q&A session.

Exclusivity: Limited to 10 participants per class, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.

Choose the classes that resonate with your craft business goals and start your journey towards success!


Dates May 19th, Sunday

Time: 8pm EST

Replay will not be available due time sensitive information being shared.

Cost Per Class: $10 

PreRegistration: $10 Non Refundable

2nd & Final Payment, Registration-JULY

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