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Tiered Trays Are All the Rage

Tiered trays are so much fun. Great way to celebrate each season in one cute display. The problem is, if you are like me you just can't seem to make it all work just right. Well I found a solutution you got to check out. We have everything you need to create your own tiered tray. The tray, the accessories, the cutouts and the transfers make this a simple way to create your own unique tray. I added some personal touches I had and combined it with all the goodies I got from the site. It's just too cute. The bonus, once you get your tray you can change out the decor seasonal with our seasonal items. You are going to love this.

Colors used in my Fall Tiered Tray:

-Black Velvet


-Bright White

Happy Crafting,

Liza aka The Hidden Penny

Here are the supplies I used

Tiered Tray: S2231124

Tiered Tray Cutouts: S2231123

Autmun Tiered Tray Transfers: B2231379

6 Piece Tiered Tray Essentials: S2231122

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